Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Sunday.

Quite a weekend to be honest.
Hung out with Jaimie thursday and friday after she had school, I worked Friday night.
Jaimie and I watched Quarantine and The Strangers Saturday, cooked some breakfast, played some card games, and layed around alot haha.


Jaimie's 18th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY.
We got Bapitized around 2 o'clock. That was something really special for us to share with one another.
Went back to her house and ate pizza, oh btw we watched The Strangers again with her parents earlier that morning. After teh Baptism we watched some football, played cards...turned on Semi-Pro and watched it with her mom before playing a game of Life. Then we layed on the sofa until I had to leave to come back to school.

I'll prolly blog a little more about teh Baptism with pictures tomorrow, right now I'm texting Jaimie then headed to bed after I post this.

God Bless and I'm out-

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