Friday, June 12, 2009

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  1. Album Review

    Step 1
    Listen to the album multiple times. First impressions matter, but a deeper understanding can come from listening again.

    Step 2
    Take notes on both the first impression and later hearings. Make special note of tracks that stand out for being great or horrible.

    Step 3
    Give basic information, band name, album title, production company and similar-sounding bands, either within the text or as a sidebar. Also tell readers whether the CD is worth buying. Many newspapers and magazines have a specific template and rating system for this information.

    Step 4
    Decide on an overall opinion and base your article on it. Use song lyrics, styles or any factual information you can to back up your opinion, giving readers a reason to trust your review. Mention specific album tracks.

    Step 5
    Compare this album to any previous albums the band has put out. Try not to focus too much on previous albums, but instead on the music and how it relates to the current song tracks.

    Step 6
    Be honest, but be objective. If the album was horrible, give specific reasons as to what makes it that way. If you feel this album is the best ever produced, give examples and use that excitement in your writing.

    Tips & Warnings
    If the CD isn't a part of your favorite genre, try to compare it to other albums within the genre so readers can make up their own minds.
    Write as though you are telling your friends about this album, but keep a professional level to your tone. Music reviews have more of a conversational tone than news articles, so feel free to be creative.

    Hope that might help you if you want to take it on yourself baby.

    I Love You.




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