Friday, December 12, 2008

you are your environment

I guess this is why i separate myself from the society alot.
I want to be me, just me.
I surround myself with love(Jaimie), music(hiphop), and me.

These are also the things that make me happy.

As Kanye stated in his book; "2 Keys 2 Happiness, One...Being able to tolerate things that make you unhappy or Two...Being able to change things to make you happy.
Now, if you have a low tolerance and don't have the ability to create chage, there's a good chance that you will be unhappy!"

I tolerate work, school, and the people around me and if I'm unhappy I try my best to change them.

So does this make me happy?
Of course happiness isn't a One Size Fits All type of thing.

but I believe this is a 99.9% true statement.

look....before I started becoming a loner, you could say, I went out partied a lot...that was all that i had on my mind. Getting out having a "good time" as most would say. A good time to me is anything that concerns h.e.r.
and when that can't happen....there is no good time. I can substitute that happiness with music, nothing else.

Music is Life.

Lately, I have been listening to Charles Hamilton and 808s & Heartbreak (KANYE) a lot. I've listened to that album at least 50 times straight through.

My Relationship Life has been great. Christmas is going to be very (i HATE the word very) special to spend with her.
I'm really staring to learn step number 2 of KEYS TO HAPPINESS. "Being able to change things to make you happy".

This makes me want to quote one more page out of the Kanyeisms.


"You should never make a point that starts off with "But you." That's a sure sign of dysfunctional, tit for tat exchange.
When does it make sense that because someone else made a bad decision, now you should?
You must learn to fight the impulse of believing: It's not fair that you can do it and I can't."

I try to use this when a confrontation approaches, not always successful though.

and................I'm just zoning.

Do what you love, love what you do.

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