Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank You and You're Welcome

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A Surprisingly Special Business Book

One of the best, and most Surprising, business books of the year comes from a most unlikely source--Kanye West.

As I'm sure you all know by now, I read 'em all, but Kanye's mini-opus entitled "Thank You and You're Welcome" is one of 2008's fave finds, a concise handbook of common sense, common decency and street wisdom.

Like his innovative albums and concerts where he collaborates with other talent for a veritable "one + one = three" equation, Kanye wrote his book with J. Sakiya Sandifer of "Think Think Think and Think Again" fame. In its 50 or so pages, all black with varying styles and colors of neon font, the two offer theories, spout aphorisms and ponder conundrums (conundri?) like:

I wonder...would you rather have 100% from an average person or 10% from someone who is outstanding?

or, the favorite of everyone here at Surprise Central:

Believe in your flyness...conquer your shyness

Best of all, in true Surprise fashion--and in homage to its title--the book was given away as a parting thank you gift to everyone who attended Kanye's concerts this past tour.

Source: kanyes blog haha

If you haven't read this...go find it, buy it, borrow it do SOMETHING to get your hands on this..NICE NICE READ

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