Friday, September 5, 2008

NFL is back.

Giants over the Redskins 16-7 last night. I only caught the highlights of it.

I'm not too interested in any games Sunday, I am going to gamble on a few ;)
I'm excited for Monday Night Football. It's going to cause me to stay up til about 1am and have class and an exam at 8am tuesday. Then another test at 11am tuesday. and another assignment due at 1:30. TUESDAY = GHEY DAY.

anyways back to NFL

Raiders vs Broncos 10:15 kickoff monday. I'm pumped

I've bought a bunch more Raiders stuff on top of all the other crap I had this summer.

They look good all around this year. Pass blocking is still just OK. They will be able to run all over everyone. The D looks great and will be great. Hopefully all the money spent on the off season brings us out of the 5 year slump after the SUPERBOWL loss against the bucs. (that was horrible)

I'm hesitant to see how the utilize McFadden and how J Russel is going to look. He was up and down in pre-season. If the receivers will catch the ball i think he will be just fine.

I think Raiders will win this game by 13. 27-14.

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