Friday, September 5, 2008

My Sunshine.

my sunshine.
why do the clouds cover you up?
I cant see you through the rain.
but there is always a rainbow after the storm.
why do the storms come and go anyways?
is it a must?
is it the way the world revolves?
is it me cause it isn't you.
is it preventable?
my sunshine.
its so hard when you are far away.
but when you come, you brighten my day.
do i occasionally block you out with the shades i wear?
is this why you rain on me?
to let me know you are still there.
my sunshine.
can you shine forever?
if we better the weather?
my sunshine.
if the days get cloudy...i'll still love you forever.
my sunshine, yes let my sun shine forever.

just bout somethings on my mind right now. abstract view

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