Monday, September 15, 2008

just another monday...

Teh weekend was great minus money spent on my car and GAS.

Started with me going home Thursday afternoon, I went to Jaimies and hung out til late. Friday I woke up early and took my car to get worked on. Then later that afternoon i got the tires balanced. FINALLY picked Jaimie up from school and hung out with her all evening, i think we fell asleep on her porch swing til we got woke up close to midnight. Saturday we hung out at my house, cleaned up my closet for mom because she just re-done the entire room a week ago. I went to Jaimies house early Sunday and played games and watched football until i had to leave around 2:30. I left earlier than usual cause i had a flag football at 6pm yesterday evening. The game started out slow, then we picked it up. Then threw it away at the end. We looked good though, get our D together and we'll be fine.

Its monday...BLAH class for 6 hours today IM DONE. til tmar anyways ha.

updates with vids and such later.

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