Friday, September 5, 2008

HoMe AgAiN. (just rambling)

at work...ya DIG!

downloading new LL Cool J and Gym Class Heroes albums
texting Jaimie

Got to see Jaimie last night and today after her school and before work.

I hit a pothole today up my way and cut my front right tire, so i had to fork up $60 to get a new tire. WTF is rubber so expensive. Because of GAS everything is TOO F"N high in price. Hard for a college kid to keep his $$$ weight up when everything cost so much.

Especially when you have to own everything like myself. BTW I need an iPod or a mp3 for my walk to and from school, OH YEAH while in class. I've owned an iPod mini and a Creative Zen Player...both broke on me..prolly used them entirely too much.

GCH - The Quilt is done downloading now. I've heard a few tracks off it before now. This can't be anything less than great.

I am pumped about Kanye putting out an album in December..I PRAY the rumors are true.

well im done with all the talk, i'll post some videos or songs for your entertainment later on.

for now...LATERS

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