Thursday, August 7, 2008

Everybody nose...u can have Whatever you like

well went shoppin at the mall
it was good to be with the lady friend all day
she got potentially good news from the doctor, shes been doing alot better
and hopefully what she has is gone in the next couple months!!!

got me shirt,shorts, and a pair of shoes at the mall
the pair of shoes posted below..i got also (guy on ebay let me get 'em even though i lost)

got the graveyard shift tonight...

looking forward to being off tomorrow and spending the entire day with Jaimie..
only 2 weeks til school comes back in the life..blah

new song by jayz out...called Jockin JayZ, produced by Kanye (only a snippet out right now, but the song is DOPE)

Everybody Nose Remix

Whatever You Like

for now So Long...

im going to try and find a media player for the blog

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